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Short Breed History

Canaan Dogs were free-living in what is now Israel and surrounding area for thousands of years. They were used to guard the flocks and camps of the Bedouins.


The Canaan Dog was domestically bred in 1934, when Prof. Rudolphina Menzel began a breeding program for the Jewish Defense Forces. After looking at various breeds, she turned her attention to the local pariah dog: alert and agile, with highly developed senses, and capable of surviving the harsh terrain and climate. 


The first Canaan Dogs arrived in North America in 1965. Canaan Dogs were recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1993, and are shown in the Working Group.

JayKay Canaan Dogs


JayKay comes from Jake and Kayla, my first two Canaan Dogs. They were the sire and dam of my first litter in 2003. There were no Canaan Dog breeders in Canada at the time, and JayKay Canaan Dogs has been the only CKC-registered breeder since then. 


Check out the Gallery (found under the PUPPIES tab) to see some of the many JayKay puppies whelped since 2003 with homes in Canada and the US.


I am a member of the Canaan Dog Club of America (CDCA) and a board member of the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America (ICDCA). I represent the Canaan Dog Rescue Network (CDRN) in Canada and have been
a CKC member for over 20 years.

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Drawings found
on tombs dating back to 2200-2000 BC
depict dogs with
a resemblance to today’s Canaan Dog. 

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